Los Cachorros is a foundation committed to street children aged 6 to 18 in Peru. Los Cachorros offers help to often traumatized and abused streetkids. The kids live on the street due to poverty, violence or abuse at home.

When living on the streets the kids easily get in touch with petty crime and drug abuse; a way for them to cope with and survive on the streets. Streetkids live in unhygienic circumstances, and sexual abuse is common on big scale. Next to that these children have to deal with rejection and marginalization on a daily basis.

Through streetwork, shelter, psychological help and education Los Cachorros aims to lead these children away from the street back to their families or another form of a self-sustaining future. The Los Cachorros shelter offers a safe haven, a place where the children can grow into confident adolescents. Personal attention and love stand at the core of our work. Los Cachorros ensures that kids can be kids again, and equips them with knowledge, skills and confidence for a better future.