The 24/7 shelter offers holistic care 24/7. The shelters most important characteristics are intensive and personal care. By setting up a set of rules, Los Cachorros introduces norms and values of a “regular” home to the children. The children wash their own clothes and are assigned other tasks such as setting the table, clearing the table, washing the dishes. Step by step they learn what it means to take care of themselves and others. The goal of the 24/7 shelter is to enable the kids to grown into balanced adolescents that can find their place within society. This place can be with their families, but also an independent lifestyle. A professional with a strong team take care of the psychological work that is necessary. The children follow classes (at school or at the Los Cachorros school), and have time for game and play. Children that continue on in the night shelter can continue their stay and work with Los Cachorros at the 24/7 shelter. This decision is made after an evaluationperiod of two weeks during which the behaviour and (potential) drug abuse is being watched closely. The children have to spend the night at the night shelter every night of those two weeks and have had multiple appointments with the psychologist. Los Cachorros also offers a place to stay for children in dangerous situations, for example children that have been placed outside their home by a judge.