The nightshelter offers the streetkids protection, and meets their basic needs such as roof above their heads, a shower, and a meal. The kids are welcome at the night shelter between 7 PM and 7 AM. The shelter is easily approachable. Upon coming in the kids take a shower and wash their clothes. The night shelter has a washing machine and a dryer, enabling the children to wash their clothes and take them with them clean the next day. Aside from offering a bed, bath and bread, the night care is aiming to prepare the children for the next step, the 24/7 shelter, with the ultimate goal of leading them back to living with their families. There is time and room for health care and hygiene, the children have to adhere to certain agreements and rules and have to abide to common manners. There is also room for relaxation, recreation and attention for one another. In the period that children spend time at the night shelter, they are also in touch with the psychologists, regularly but low key. This enables the psychologist to observe the children and establish a working relationship with them.