For many of the kids the step from living on the streets to living in the shelter fulltime is too big. They value their freedom highly and have a hard time following rules. The streetworkers of Los Cachorros are active on the streets of Ayacucho every day, to ensure they are aware of all that happens on the streets and to be able to lend a helping hand when and where needed. The goal of streetwork is to motivate more children to trust the help and support from Los Cachorros. Through the presence of streetworkers in the “hoods” of Ayacucho, a trust-based relationship can develop between the streetworkers and the children. At the same time, these activities and stable relationships might distract the kids from drug abuse and criminal activities. If a kid itself states that it wants to lead a different live, it can enter the night shelter of Los Cachorros. It also happens that children turn to the streetworkers for help outside the regular street work. In that case they come to the shelter directly and ask for the street worker of their trust.